“Heal with a Horse has had a tremendous impact on his life!  The bond is like none I have ever seen.  He has grown so much with the help of all the horses and volunteers.  The two major factors are core strength & social skills.  He is able to lift his head using his neck muscles now and he works on his core strength every second he is riding.  This is a very positive experience for him!”  - C (Mother).

“Heal with a Horse has been wonderful for him!  His friendship with the horse has brought him great joy.  He has learned how to care for the horse and the work that goes into the care.  He had gotten bored with regular physical therapy and it was hard to keep him on task.  Horse therapy is fun and the massage and stretch of muscles (whole body) has been great therapy.  His hip and trunk range of motion has improved and he has better balance.  He is also demonstrating greater ability for rotation and reach.”  - P (Grandmother). 


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