Kristen Yowtz

Barn Manager, Program Assistant

Kristen has been a major help to our program, not only is she the barn manager but she is also a professional horse trainer and a farrier. Studying at Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center, Kristen has brought her skills into the program with help in training our horses, and teaching the kids important facts about horsemanship. Her strong, brave, and outgoing self has brought nothing but happiness to the Heal With A Horse family. 

Brooke Yowtz

Program Assistant, Brooke Yowtz Grooming Owner

Brooke is a very hardworking, trust worthy staff member for our Heal With a Horse family. She has put in countless hours with the kids and teens, teaching them a lot. Her selfless attitude, and amazing attributes have helped the children in many ways, including looking up to her as a role model! Her day job includes also running a grooming business called Brooke Yowtz Grooming. Brooke's love for animals is indefinable. 


Bailey TeBeau
Program Director, Counselor 

Bailey is currently studying social work at Central Michigan University, with a specialty in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Her plan is to graduate in May of 2018, and continue her education with adding a masters degree, and having an end goal of becoming a LMSW. Her love for horses and helping people can be considered extraordinary. Coming from a Hunter/Jumper background, Bailey is very knowledgeable in the horsemanship area. However, with her education and past internships, Bailey brings a lot to the therapy aspect of the program. 

Kimberly Patton

Executive Director, Program Founder

Kimberly founded Heal With A Horse in 2010 with the idea to help children and youth live a fulfilled life, despite their disabilities. A women so strong and caring has made this program to where it is today. Her ambition, kindness, and caring attitude has helped her these past years grow and expand Heal With A Horse, followed by many children looking up to her. Kim's love for children and animals is inexplainable, as well as amazing. Her kind, loving heart is what all started this program seven years ago. 

JT Brown (Picture coming soon!) 

Special Projects Assistant

JT is our newest member to the Heal With A Horse family, and has been nothing but amazing! Although horses have not been in JT's life very long, he is learning fast! JT is a very hardworking individual who works along side Jeremy with the many projects that come along with running a barn! We could not be were we are today with out JT''s help! He is always coming up with more efficient options and outlines for our future projects! We cannot wait to see what else JT brings to our program! 

Jeremy Basham

Special Projects Manager

When Jeremy became apart of the Heal With A Horse family, things started turning around real fast! This hardworking man has help out the barn and the facility Immensely. Jeremy has something about himself that will always brighten up the room he walks into! Not enough good things can be said about him. One thing is for sure, we would not be where we are today with out him. Jeremy is the best handy man around!