Our Horses!

Heal With A Horse is fortunate enough to have lucked out with some of the best equine friends around! With countless hours of training, and practice, our horses are best suited for all types of children youth whether they are wheelchair bound, or cognitively impaired. 


Our "One-Eyed Wonder"!! Rosie is a once in a life time horse that is more than perfect for a therapy program. Coming from a rough background losing her eye, Rosie has a lot to teach every person who comes her way! This horse is just amazing! She has been everywhere! We even use her as a diving board in Lake Michigan! 



This lovely girl is a "been there, done that" type of horse! She has given many lessons in her life, as well as worked with a lot of our clients! Everyone loves this horse, and can easily find a special connection to her! Mirrah is donated to be used in our program from our Barn Manager Brooke!


This horse is so loving and kind to anyone near him! He loves having a job to do, and will aim to please any of his riders. Hank is our tall, dark and handsome horse here at Chance Stables!  Hank is the favorite to many kids here at HWH. 


This lovely girl may be young, but that hasn't stopped her from becoming the perfect therapy horse! She has many rewarding years left in her! 


This horse is very special to the HWH program. When kids are too weak to come to us, we go to them. With a little help from Jack, we can make house calls for those with a last wish. Jack is one of a kind horse, and will put any human before himself. 


Mr. Ace has been a huge help to our program. Being an experienced lesson horse for most of his life, Ace takes on any challenge of rider with the intent to give them nothing but a fun filled ride. This boy has overcome many challenges in his life, including being hit by a car as a baby! His story is an inspiration for many kids in our program! Ace is donated to use in the program from our barn manager, Kristen! 


Our favorite "fun-sized" horse! Coco brings so much joy to the little ones who want to ride a smaller horse! Although she is short, don't underestimate her ability to change your life!